Sunday, November 27, 2005


Wikipedia contributions

I have gotten increasingly involved-in -- or drawn-into -- Wikipedia. Hours can go by easily in making Wikipedia entries. I do not feel it is a waste of time, but it does distract me from achieving goals I have set in other areas. To lose consciousness of time is in some sense a loss of control over life. As a workaholic, I am always very focused on achieving, so loss of control over my goal-seeking activities can be a toxic temptation.

Anyway, anyone interested in tracking my Wikipedia work can check-out:


My most satisfying achievement to date has been my virtual re-write of the "Life extension" entry. This has given me a somewhat territorial or "ownership" feeling about that entry. I keep the page on my Watchlist (along with Cryonics and a number of others) and check my Watchlist almost as frequently as I check my e-mail.

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