Saturday, April 16, 2005


April 2005 Website report

My main blogging interest in my website, so I might as well post a
blog about my website developments.

I added a new page "Some Philosphizing about Lying" in February:

It took about a month-and-a-half before I was able to do a Yahoo
search on my own website domain (!!) to find that page when entering
the keyword "lying". Google was able to do that within a few days. In
fact, within a week of adding that page to my site, Google was listing
that page as the top response to the phrase-search "lying to enemies"!
Yesterday, Yahoo was also listing that page as the top response to the
same keyword/phrase search.

For the last month, along with my many other projects, I have created
a whole new area of my website -- the Nutraceuticals Topic area:

I have long been wanting to document the rationale for the supplements
I take -- for my own memory and understanding as much as for any other
reason -- and I am delighted that I have done so. Most of the pages are
completely new, based on up-to-date peer-reviewed journal articles. I have
put these pages at the top, with older pages (existing relevant links from
other topic areas in my website) lower (generally) on the Topic Index page.

It is fascinating watching the visitor patterns to new pages -- I monitor
my page hits with Urchin and independently with Superstats. I monitor
visitors to the whole site with Urchin. I will report on my most recent

For the first half of April 2005 (to midnight, April 15th) my website
had 55,309 visitors. Three quarters of the visitors were on my site
for less than ten seconds. In table form:

Time Number Percent
0-10 sec 42,202 76.3%
11-30 sec 3,809 6.89%
31-60 sec 1,978 3.58%
1-3 min 2,404 4.35%
3-10 min 2,302 4.16%
10-30 min 2,119 3.83%
over 30 min 495 0.86%

About 86% viewed one page, about 9% viewed two pages, about 2% viewed
3 pages and fewer that 3% viewed more than 3 pages.

-- Ben

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